How to string your instrument

Knowing how to string your instrument is an essential skill every musician needs to learn. It can be a daunting task for beginners because of uncertainty and fear of damaging the instrument. This section covers how to string the instrument and the different options available when buying strings.

How to tune your instrument

When playing with other musicians it is vital that your instrument is in tune. This section covers how to use a chromatic tuner and the different tuning configurations available to the Irish Bouzouki.

How to read tablature

Tablature is a form of music notation structured towards fretted instruments. It is regarded as one of the quickest methods for teaching beginners how to start making music. This section covers how to read tablature.

Useful Websites:

The Session

The best resource for Irish traditional sheet music.


Useful website that provides links to many resources for traditional Irish instruments.

Mando Lessons

Mandolin focused website providing high quality video lessons.