Irish Bouzouki provides free online resources and lessons for the Irish Bouzouki and instruments from the same family such as the Mandolin, Octave Mandola and Irish Tenor Banjo. The same chord diagrams and scale shapes apply to all of these instruments as they are tuned to a standard GDAE or alternative GDAD tuning.

Picture of an Ozark 2243E Irish Bouzouki
Pictured: Ozark 2243E Irish Bouzouki

The Irish Bouzouki is a popular stringed instrument used for accompaniment during traditional Irish sessions. Due to the Irish Bouzouki's scale length and overall pitch this tends to be in the form of chordal accompaniment however the instrument is also capable of performing melody lines. It is a relatively young instrument and a lot of its history & origin can be found on Wikipedia: Wikipedia - Irish Bouzouki.

Most people who discover the Irish Bouzouki for the first time do so having already played a different stringed instrument such as the guitar, mandolin or banjo. For guitar players, the most popular method of teaching is through tablature because of its simplicity and ability to get a person playing quickly. The lessons and resources on are presented in tablature (TAB) alongside traditional sheet music to satisfy the absolute beginner and the musically trained. will not be hosting any copyrighted tunes or songs but instead provides all the information and musical theory required to bring a player to the level where they can use a website such as The Session to play any of the tunes available there.


The lessons section will provide information similar to material for guitar players. For example: open chords, basic scales, barre and 'moveable' chords and additional information such as how to use accessories like a capo or how to change and tune Bouzouki strings. Music theory will also be used to cement an understanding of how chords and scales are construced.


The chords section provides chord charts for the two most common tunings found on the Irish Bouzouki - GDAE and GDAD. The section covers basic triads such as Major and Minor and extended chords such as Major 7th, Minor 7th and Dominant 7th. The section will be expanded to include 'quick' moveable chords.

Clef to TAB

The Cleft-to-TAB section provides a conversion chart that allows for any piece of sheet music found in a book or online to be converted into tablature - as long as the piece music covers less than 4 octaves (the range of the Irish Bouzouki).